Al Jaeger

Born and raised in Beulah, North Dakota, Al Jaeger has done and seen it all.  He has had many different career paths, from being a high school teacher and construction worker, to becoming the Secretary of State for the great state of North Dakota.

Even with a hectic schedule, he has become involved with Wellspring’s mission.  In 2005, the founder of Wellspring, Don Johnson, asked Al and his wife to become honorary board members.  Don and his wife, Dorothy, knew them through their shared connection to Hope Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota.

It was after studying Richard Stearns’s The Hole in Our Gospel that Al, Kathy, and the small church group they worship with at Charity Lutheran Church in Bismarck, North Dakota, sensed the call of the Holy Spirit to do something amazing through Wellspring.  Even though the thought of serving God’s poorest was overwhelming, the group realized that a gift, whatever it might be, has a life-changing impact.  The group knew the benefits from clean water could change the way thousands of people live their everyday lives.

Al was officially elected to the Wellspring Board in 2012.  Since then, Charity has raised enough funds to build and maintain seven wells.  Al’s passion for spreading Wellspring’s mission is so great, he was able to start a Wellspring chapter that now serves the greater Bismarck-Mandan area.

Al attended Bismarck State College and Dickinson State University.  His first wife, Naomi, died in 1979 at the age of 32.  His second wife, Kathy, died November 24, 2016.  With the memorials received, a well was funded in Kathy’s memory and credited to the Bismarck Chapter.  Together they have three adult children.