Wellspring for the World and World Vision have been successful and collaborative partners for many years. This partnership has granted Wellspring the opportunity to take every donation and reach those with the most need for clean water. Wellspring works with World Vision’s through their Every Last One Campaign.

This campaign has seven “Signature Initiatives” that take a big-picture approach to helping communities address critical needs – bringing together all of the pieces for a full solution to the puzzle of poverty.  They are Christian discipleship, water, mother and child health, economic empowerment, child protection, education, and emergency relief.  In addition, World Vision has two major cross-cutting focus areas that run through each Signature Initiative: innovation and women and girls.  World Vision partners with some of the best and brightest organizations around the world so they can provide children with a brighter future.

So how does Wellspring play into this mix? Let us tell you. Wellspring works tirelessly to raise awareness and funds to support the water initiative of the Every Last One Campaign. By partnering with World Vision and their affiliates, Wellspring is able to make an impact on the global level. Without the support of our donors and World Vision, the great work we do at Wellspring would not be possible.

For more information on the Every Last One campaign click on the image below and you will be directed to World Vision’s official campaign site.


World Vision and the World Vision logo are licensed trademarks of World Vision
World Vision and the World Vision logo are licensed trademarks of World Vision