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Give Water. Give Life.

Every day, nearly 800 children under 5 die from unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene. In Africa alone, women and children spend 200 million hours every day gathering water.

Water is the world’s most precious resource, yet 80 countries regularly experience serious water shortages. Globally, more than 785 million people still lack access to clean water.

“No other humanitarian intervention produces a more dramatic effect on life than access to clean water and sanitation.”

World Vision
How It Works


Your gift will be leveraged x 5: $1 becomes $5 of impact!

Every $3,000 funds a water point that provides a lifetime of water to 250 people.
$3,000 x 5 = $15,000 (average cost of a water point)
$50 provides a lifetime of water for 1 person
With the multiplier, just $10 provides water for 1 person
Your Part

Where Do I Fit?

A complete water point costs an average of $15,000 and includes drilling, maintenance, education on water sanitation and hygiene, and supervision to ensure a long, productive life for the well.

Each dollar given to Wellspring is so important to the health and well-being of people who have no access to safe water. If you consider a water point provides around 250 people with water at the cost of just $3,000 because of this special match program, it costs less than $10 to provide a lifetime of clean water for one person.

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